What are the Differences between Hospitality and Hotel Management?

Many students today have a dream of working in the hotel industry. It is one of the most beautiful career options with wide exposure and ample job opportunities. Many of us often get confused when we hear the terms hospitality management and hotel management. 

While most of us think both the fields are same, some people say that the terms are different from one another. In this blog, we will study the major differences between hospitality and hotel management.

Differences between Hospitality and Hotel management

Both these terms sound similar but they have some major differences. It is necessary to know the differences between these two terms if you want to pursue a career in the hotel management field. Let us understand the meaning of both the terms and key differences between them:

Hotel management

Hotel management includes all the tasks that help to run a hotel such as administration, maintenance, housekeeping, and marketing. It focuses only on the hotel industry and its functions.

Hospitality management

Hospitality management focuses on both the hotel industry and the ways to greet and welcome people in the hotel. Hospitality management includes traveling from one place to another.

Table showing key differences between hospitality and hotel management

Some major differences between these two terms are listed below in a table:

Hotel management
Hospitality management 
1. Job opportunities
The hotel management course offers jobs in housekeeping, maintenance, administration, and managing a hotel
Hospitality management offers jobs in areas such as event management, resort management, casinos, pubs, hotels, and so on.
2. Focus
This sector focuses mainly on the hotel industry and its function
This sector mainly focuses on hotel management and the ways to welcome guests and people.
3. Pay scale
Hotel management offers high pay to candidates in small and large hotels
Candidates will get high pay even by choosing some entry-level jobs
4. Responsibilities
Hotel management includes the task of looking after the guests from check-in to the time of check-out
In hospitality management, the candidates have to meet and greet guests and foreign delegates and provide everything that they want.
5. Main driving factor
Hotel management is mainly about how to manage hotels
Under hospitality management, the candidates are taught how to manage people and provide them with the best client experience at the venue or hotel.
6. Industry type
Under hotel management, you can mainly work in the tourism industry
Under the hospitality industry, the candidates can work in various industries like beverage, food and tourism

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