How to Become a Food and Beverage Manager in India?

Today, youngsters are interested in making their career in the food and business industry. This industry opens opportunities for many individuals who have culinary skills. The role of a food and beverage manager is important in this industry. From managing the operations of the company to handling the complaints of the customers, the manager has to look after many things.

In this blog, we will discuss the responsibilities of a food and beverage manager and how to become a manager.

What does the Food and Beverage manager do? 

Food and beverage management is a vast area including many tasks from planning the menu to preparation of food. Manager of the food and beverage industry does several tasks such as:

  • The main task of the F&B manager is to plan the menu of the restaurant
  • Supervise the staff of the company during the food processing and work of presentation.
  • To reduce delays in delivery of food to the customers and check the performance of the employees.
  • To keep a record of all the ingredients required to prepare various cuisines in the restaurant and order them in case the stock is empty.

In addition, the manager of the food and beverage industry has to give directions to the employees.

The process of becoming a food and beverage manager

You must follow the below steps to become a food and beverage manager such as:

1. Graduation from high school

Every candidate must complete a 10+2 level of education in arts, commerce, or science with an average of 50% or equivalent from a certified board.

2. Pass an entrance exam

After graduating from high school, the candidates must clear an entrance exam. These exams are conducted by certain universities and colleges to gain admission to the college. You can check the official sites of the colleges and universities to know the entrance exams for food and beverage management.

3. Apply for bachelor’s programs

The next step after passing an entrance exam is to apply for bachelor’s level programs such as Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, BHM, and so on. You can pick the program that suits your stream.

4. Apply for a post-bachelor course or program

Then the candidates have to choose an option of a bachelor’s program after passing the bachelor’s program. They can work as an intern in the food and beverage industry and study the master’s course at the same time.

Some candidates choose to study a master’s program alone without work options. It depends on the choice of the candidates to go with any one option.

Some well-known master’s courses include Master of Arts in Culinary Arts, Master of Science in Hospitality and Hotel Administration, and so on.

Final words

These are the important steps to becoming a food & beverage manager in a restaurant or any food company. You can take advice from a career consultant to know the courses to choose after a 10+2 level of education, a master’s course, and the job opportunities to find after becoming a food and beverage manager.

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