BSc Hotel Management: Exploring the World of Hotel Management

The hotel industry is a growing industry all over the world creating ample opportunities for candidates with culinary skills. It creates different opportunities for the students to work in different types of environments.

One of the most popular courses in hotel management is BSC hotel management. In this blog, we will learn about this course with its details, benefits, and eligibility criteria.

Details of BSc Hotel Management

Now, let us study the important BSC in hotel management course details. BSc in Hotel Management is an undergraduate course that strengthens the foundation of the students in hotel management. This program includes subjects such as nutrition, hotel engineering, culinary arts, food science, tourism management, and quality management. It involves some practical skills to tackle challenges that come in the field of hotel management.

This program makes students ready to handle various tasks like marketing, management, communication, and human resources.

Benefits of studying BSc in Hotel Management

After studying the details of the course, we will further discuss the benefits of this course in the below section:

  • It gives plenty of opportunities to the candidates to work in restaurants, food joints, hotels, and large food companies.
  • Bachelor of Science in hotel management will teach various things to the students such as Tourism, Sales and Marketing, and Computer Science.
  • Students will get high pay in the hotel management area.
  • This course will train the students in setting up a hotel business and starting a restaurant.
  • Students will get an opportunity to travel around the globe.

Who is eligible to take this course?

Candidates must fulfill the following criteria to pursue for BSc Hotel Management course:

  • Graduation from a 10+2 level of education from a certified board
  • Students must be fluent in writing and reading English
  • Students must get a minimum of 50% at a higher senior secondary level

How to get admission to the college for the course?

These days, many colleges offer Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management course for students with culinary skills. The steps to get admission to the college are:

  • You must pass an entrance exam to get admission to a college.
  • Then you have to fill out a form by writing all the personal details and complete the full admission procedure.
  • The college will grant an admission either on the availability of the seats or your entrance exam score.
  • Finally, you have to give a personal interview after getting admission to the college.