What are the Benefits of the IATA Course?

The IATA course is mainly related to the tourism sector. It is one of the best courses for students who want to join the tourism industry and want to travel the world. IATA is recognized by many top-notch airlines in the world.

This course helps the students to broaden their scope in domains such as car rentals, tour agencies, cruise lines, and hotel industries. This blog lists all the benefits of IATA course for the students and other information related to this course.

Something about IATA Certification

The full form of IATA is the International Air Transport Association. It is Canada based global trade organization that deals in air transport. This association managed 300 airlines in the world and around 83% of air traffic in the globe. Apart from that, the association also frames various aviation industry policies.

In addition, IATA boosts cooperation between the different airlines around the globe for smooth travel.

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Who is eligible for the IATA course?

IATA offers various courses related to tourism and the air travel field. The eligibility criteria for the IATA course are:

  • Students must pass class 12th or should pass the graduation level.
  • Proficiency in English is a must.
  • Good knowledge of geography and various countries of the world.

Benefits of choosing the IATA course

There are ample benefits of IATA certification for the students such as: 

  • Students who complete the IATA course get global recognition with IATA certification.
  • This course offers high salaries and ample opportunities to travel to different countries of the world.
  • Students who get IATA certification get huge opportunities to work in the offices of different airlines in the world.
  • One of the major benefits of IATA certification courses is that it helps to develop customer relationship.
  • The course helps the candidates to manage the arrangements for the flight and look after the facilities.
  • IATA course covers subjects such as the procedure to book flights and itinerary planning.
  • Candidates who get IATA certification will decide the fares of air tickets.
  • The IATA course will give you a chance to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Candidates with IATA certification will receive discounts on air tickets and hotel bookings.
  • IATA course helps the candidates to start their own travel and tourism company or agency in the future.

Job opportunities with IATA certification

One of the biggest advantages of the IATA course is that it provides many job opportunities to the candidates. Students can work in tour agencies, travel companies, large airline offices, and even multinational travel companies. They can work with reputed tour operators from different countries.

Final words

The IATA course has great importance in the aviation and tourism industry. It gives a reputation to the candidates and a worldwide reputation with high pay and luxurious life. After passing the IATA course, the candidates can work as an intern with any domestic or international airline.

These are some of the major benefits of IATA course in India that candidates can enjoy for years.