Things You Should Know About BSc in Culinary Arts

Choosing the degree of BSC in culinary arts opens the doors to working in the culinary industry. It is a perfect degree for those who have a knack to cook various cuisines by finding new methods and using different ingredients. 

In this blog, we will discuss this degree in detail with subjects, eligibility criteria, and the opportunities after completing this degree.

Degree curriculum

The degree curriculum gives a thorough knowledge of culinary arts. It takes 4 years to take this degree. After completing the degree, you have to take practical training at a restaurant. You can work as a Chef in any large restaurant by getting this degree.

Subjects included in BSc in culinary arts

BSC hotel management and culinary arts course is designed for students who have a keen interest in cooking. Let's have a look at BSC in culinary arts subjects in the below section:

1. Food and beverage management

This course includes the things such as cost control, menu planning, and management of stock.

2. Culinary theory

The course includes lessons on cooking, nutrition, food safety, and sanitation.

3. Food Science

This subject covers the lessons on how ingredients work with each other while cooking any dish.

4. Communication skills

This subject teaches the students how to communicate with customers and other parties in the culinary industry.

5. Culinary History and Culture

The subject contains the cultural and historical importance of cooking.

6. Hospitality and Tourism management

The course includes lessons on how to give customer service, event planning, and marketing.

Eligibility criteria for BSc in culinary arts

Eligibility criteria for BSc in Culinary Arts differ according to the college and university. The requirements for the course are:

  • Minimum age limit
  • Graduation degree
  • Certain colleges may keep an entrance exam or aptitude test

Career options

After completing the course of BSc in culinary arts, you will get many opportunities to work as:

Salary expectations after completing BSc in culinary arts

The salary of graduates with this degree depends on different factors like job profile, location, company, experience, and skills. The salary after completing this course is as under:

1. Chef

A chef can easily earn around INR 50,000 per month depending on the skills and experience.

2. Pastry Chef

A pastry chef with BSc in culinary arts degree can earn around INR 30,000 per month. Experienced chefs can earn up to INR 60,000 per month.

3. Catering manager

The salary of a catering manager can start from INR 50,000 every month to INR 1 lakh per month as per the experience level.

4. Food manager

Food managers can earn up to INR 50,000 per month and can go up to INR 1 lakh per month.

Final words

This is all about BSc in culinary arts degree and its opportunities and subjects covered in this course. If you have a passion for creating your own recipes, this course will offer many opportunities.