How to Become a Chef?

A career as a chef is a popular option these days. People with culinary skills and cooking passion can pursue a career as a chef. But these skills are not enough as you have to get a degree to become a chef.

To make your future bright as a Chef, you need to select the right course and university to study the course. In this article, we will discuss How to Become a Chef and the things to follow to become a master chef. We will also discuss many other things related to Chef Course.

Who is eligible to become a Chef?

The first thing necessary to become a chef is cooking skills. You must possess the full knowledge of cooking with ingredients and how to serve cuisines. Some important criteria to become a Chef are listed as under:

Types of Chef

There are different kinds of chefs such as:

1. Head Chef

Another name for a Head Chef is a master chef. He is at the top position in the restaurant and guides the junior chefs working under him.

2. Sous chef

The Sous chef is in a secondary position in any restaurant. He must perform the tasks given by the head chef.

3. Chef de partie

Chef de partie is the senior chef that works in a specific area of production in a restaurant. He trains and guides numerous cooks working under him.

4. Commis

Commis are generally new chefs or the ones who have passed from culinary school.

Some other chefs are executive chefs and pastry chefs.

Procedure to Become a Chef

These are the steps on how do you become a chef. 

1. The first step is to find a small job in the restaurant kitchen to get knowledge of the cooking field.

2. Then you have to join the culinary school.

3, You can take a bachelor’s degree or diploma in culinary school.

4. After completing the course, you must take the practical experience of working in any restaurant.

5. Finally, you will get a permanent job in any restaurant after taking practical experience.

Tips to Become a master chef

Do you wish to become a master chef in a few years? Then read this section to know how to become a master chef:

  • Graduation from an accredited culinary university
  • Ability to pass a chef exam
  • Experience of more than 5 years as a certified chef
  • Experience working as a sous chef and chef de cuisine
  • Recommendations from certified master chefs

In addition, you will need a thorough knowledge of nutrition and cooking skills.


If you want to go ahead for the chef post in the next 5 years, follow the above tips. You can take the help of an education counselor to get more helpful tips to become a master chef in a good restaurant.