Why Do Students Get Confused After Hotel Management Degree?

The number of students who opt to pursue an undergraduate degree program in hotel management has increased significantly in recent times. Most of these students feel that finding rewarding and lucrative jobs in the hospitality sector becomes easier with a hotel management degree. There is no denying that hotel management graduates bag jobs for different positions in the hospitality industry.

Anyone with a hotel management degree from a reputed academic institution can have a vibrant and satisfying career in this ever-evolving industry. Those who complete the 3-year Bachelor's degree course in hospitality studies from the best hotel management college in Mumbai get immense international exposure. 

Still, many graduates seem confused after hotel management degree these days. A lot of them find it difficult to accept the transition from classrooms to the real, chaotic hotel environment. Read on to understand why many students feel unconfident about taking the next step after completing a hotel management degree program.

Here are the Reasons Why Do Students Get Confused After Hotel Management Degree

The Actual Gap in Reality

The brochures of almost every hotel feature luxurious-looking lobbies and suites. Many students who pursue a degree course in hospitality studies initially believe they will be in the most beautiful, peaceful and hectic-free environment. 

However, it's a reality check for them when they witness how they have to work for long hours in a fast-paced environment and be cordial with demanding guests. So, experiencing confusion in hotel management is expected because of the reality gap.

Hierarchy Problems

A clearly defined hierarchy exists in the hospitality sector. Many graduates who only want to helm a leadership role find it extremely challenging to carry out operational responsibilities. Most entry-level positions in a hotel often involve operational activities. 

However, those who complete a Professional Development Program, in addition to a BSc in Hospitality Studies from Apeejay Institute of Hospitality, often get selected for leadership positions. These graduates have profound knowledge of ongoing and upcoming hotel industry practices and trends.

Technical Prowess Matters More

Most hotel management courses put more emphasis on helping students master a range of soft skills. However, in reality, employers in the hospitality sector give more value to employees' technical prowess over communication and problem-solving skills. So, it is of the utmost importance to undergo the best industrial training if you're confused about what to study after hotel management.

Internship Dilemma

Most hotel management graduates have to begin as an intern in the hotel industry. Indeed, internships help them learn a lot about how a hotel functions on a daily basis. However, a short period of experience isn't enough for a graduate to be job-ready. 

Thus, if you're wondering after hotel management which course is best, know that the AIH corporate training program can help significantly. Completing this course can equip you with the requisite knowledge and skills and make you job-ready.

Everyone who's pursuing a hotel management course to work in the hospitality industry must know that the path from graduation to a rewarding career won't be linear. Understanding the main areas that are confusing them can eventually help them take steps proactively. Most students who study at a leading hotel management institute and undergo hands-on operational training have a successful hospitality career.