Which are Alternate Careers in Hotel Management?

Hotel management has many alternate careers for those who have a passion for cooking and culinary arts. The alternate careers in hotel management have a lot of scopes wherein you can work in any department of a good hotel.

These options will let you work in different industries such as beverage, food, and wine. In this article, we will discuss the alternate careers in hotel management to choose for gaining a bright future in this field.

Alternate careers in hotel management

Here are some alternative hospitality careers that you can select to gain a good job at the hotel:

1. Dietary services manager

A dietary service manager looks after the work of employees. He will talk to the nutritionists and ask about the customers’ nutritional demands. Apart from that, the dietary service manager will also make a nutrition plan and diet plan. He will train the employees who work under him and teach them food safety techniques. He normally works at schools, cafeterias, and hospitals.

2. Theme Park manager

The theme park manager is responsible to look after the park’s daily operations. He must frame a strategy to run the park smoothly and how to increase safety in the park. Besides, he is also responsible to look for financial matters and give the best customer experience. The role of the theme park manager is in increasing the revenue of a theme park.

3. Casino supervisor

One of the best alternative career options in hotel management is casino supervisor. His work includes planning, controlling, and organizing the casino’s gaming operations. He must also see the other operations that go on the tables. Moreover, the casino supervisor will explain the gaming rules to the players and organize certain activities for the guests.

4. Event planner

You can take up an event planning career to get a good position in the hotel. Event planners will arrange the meetings of the clients and look after everything related to the events. They will also solve the minor problems that might occur before or after the events such as lighting issues, sound system and so on.

5. Spa director

Becoming a spa director is another option for those who want to work in the hotel industry. Spa directors will book the appointment and maintain the inventory of spa accessories in the hotel salon. He will look after all the demands of the guests about the spa treatments.

6. Marketing relations

A career in public relations and marketing is a good option to work in the hotel industry. People with leadership qualities can become public relation manager in the hotel industry.


This is the full list of alternate career for hotel management that you can choose to work in the hotel industry. You can find good colleges and universities from online sites wherein you can choose alternate careers for working in the hotel industry. You can also ask your friends, colleagues, or neighbors who are working in the hotel industry.