Trends in the Food and Beverage Industry in India 2024

The food and beverage sector in India is moving forward rapidly and resting on past laurels won’t do any good. If you want to make your mark, being aware of the trends in food and beverage is important. The Food and Beverage (F&B) industry in India is one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors. It has numerous segments and sub-segments. 

Projections for the domestic food processing segment indicate a surge to USD 470 billion by FY 2025. The growth of the F&B can be attributed to factors like increasing income, modern lifestyles, and the influence of global cuisine. Moreover, F&B is the largest single employer in India, sustaining the livelihood of 7.3 million individuals.

Here are the Trends in the Food and Beverage Industry in India

As a hospitality student, you should know about the following trends in the F&B industry. 

Focus on Health and Wellness

Consumers are more health conscious than ever. They are now looking for low-fat and sugar-free food items. The current beverage trends indicate that people are looking for locally sourced energy drinks. With Atmanirbhar Bharat being a reality, expect the F&B industry to focus more on indigenous manufacturing.     

The Rise of QSRs in India 

One of the notable food and beverage trends is the rise of QSRs across India. QSRs, also known as Quick Service Restaurants, are booming due to higher disposable income and busy lifestyles among Indians. Popular food chains are expanding into smaller towns and cities. QSRs are appealing to the Indian population because of their efficient service and standardized menus. 

Innovation is the Main Buzzword 

The F&B industry is trying to be creative to appeal to its customers. While the traditional favorites will always be special for Indians, consumers want a refined dining experience. The food and beverage industry trends depict that organizations are relying on creative ways to differentiate themselves. 

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Beverages are More than Just Hydration 

As per the latest F&B trends, beverages are more than just a means of hydrating the body. There is a growing preference for specialty coffee shops and cafes that serve the best quality beverages. Moreover, with people becoming health conscious, beverages with functional ingredients will become popular. Gen Z is showing increased interest in cocktails from expert mixologists with high-quality ingredients. These cocktails are unique and popular among younger adults.   

These are some of the current trends in food and beverage industry in India that will change the way people buy and consume food. Undoubtedly, the industry is getting more competitive and gaining a foothold needs some serious skills. 

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