List of Hotel Management Course After 10th

Students face the real challenge as soon as they pass the 10th class. Choosing the course after the 10th class is confusing for many students. Hotel management is one of the most lucrative career options that students opt for these days. It is a course in which students get many opportunities to travel and work in good hotels and companies. This article lists the courses in Hotel management after the 10th that you can choose for your career.

List of courses in hotel management after 10th 

Here is the list of courses in hotel management that you can choose after passing the 10th class:

1. Diploma in Hotel management

You can opt for a Diploma in hotel management after the 10th to get good job opportunities. This course provides the required skills and experience to the students. It is a course of 3 years in which students will learn topics such as strategic management, food and beverage management, accommodation operations, and hotel engineering. Students can earn a salary between INR 16,000 and INR 18,000 per month after completing this course.

2. Diploma in Food and Beverage Production

As the name suggests, this course provides opportunities for students to work in large restaurants and international companies. They will learn how to manage the food and beverage industry. Apart from that, the course will also include the ways to serve food and beverages in a restaurant. It is a short-term course that allows working as a wine server, executive chef, catering manager, and line cook.

3. Diploma in Front office operations

This is a short-term Hotel management course after the 10th that covers subjects such as marketing, sales, and front desk operations. Students who take this course learn how to greet guests organize reservations and make bookings. You can work as a receptionist, front desk clerk, and administrative assistant after completing this course.

You can study this course in many notable colleges in Mumbai and Kolkata. Students will learn how to complete the process of check-in and check-out of hotel rooms.

4. Diploma in Food and Catering technology

This is a course of 3 years in which you will learn how to serve food in the restaurant and handle the front office desk. Students will gain basic knowledge of the hospitality industry by studying this course. They can easily earn a salary between INR 20,000 and INR 23,000 every month by studying this diploma course.

5. Diploma in Hospitality management

Diploma in Hospitality Management is the best Hotel Management course 10th pass that you can choose for your career. It covers subjects such as hospitality management, catering, the tourism industry, hospitality marketing, human resource management, and others.

This course will offer you a chance to work as an event manager, accommodation manager, and public house manager.

Final words

These are the best courses that you can choose after completing the 10th class. You can choose any one after the 10th hotel management course from the above list and pursue your career in the field of hotel management with a good salary range.