Apeejay has been a leading educational institute in the field of hospitality management for years. It is a reputed institute established by some of the best industry leaders. These leaders worked hard for many years and turned their ideas into reality.

This institute has a good track record of high passing percentage and providing good job opportunities to the students. This blog explains how Apeejay became a top hotel management institute in Mumbai.

Reasons why Apeejay is a top-notch management institute in Mumbai

For several decades, Apeejay has remained at the top position in the field of hotel management education. It is a top hotel management institute in Mumbai for various reasons such as:

1. Established by top industry leaders

This institute was founded by the top leaders of the education industry who had powerful visions and ideas. They worked hard and made it possible to set up a reputed institute for hotel management education. With various resources and vast knowledge, the founders of Apeejay finally established a good educational institute.

2. Different kinds of courses

Apeejay offers many Degree and diploma courses in hotel management for students who love travel, tourism, hotel management, and subjects related to hospitality management. Students will get a wide choice when choosing UG and PG courses for hotel management. Every student will get the course according to his/her capability, interest, percentage, and academic performance.

3. Reasonable fees

Most educational institutes charge high fees for courses in hotel management, hospitality management, and tourism. Apeejay offers the most affordable courses in hospitality management to students. The fees of this institute start from INR 70,000 and can go up to INR 75,000.

4. Job-oriented courses

This college has a good image of offering high-salaried jobs to the students. Most of them will easily get internships in hotels, restaurants, resorts, clubs, and travel companies after completing the course from this college. Many students earn lakhs every year by passing the exams of this college.

Final words

These are the major reasons why Apeejay is the top hotel management institute in Mumbai. This institute has good faculty and nice facilities for the students. It offers many amenities like medical facilities, a girls’ hostel, an auditorium, A/C classrooms, online notes, and a sports complex to the students. It helps the students to study abroad and explore new opportunities in the world in the field of hospitality management.