Candidates who are interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality sector can go for BSC hospitality studies. It is an undergraduate course of 3 years for students who have a passion for the hospitality sector.

To pursue this course, the candidate must clear the 12th class with a 50% percentage. Many institutes today provide this course at an affordable rate to the students. If you want to know more about this program, fees, and college, read this blog. It states everything related to the BSC hospitality program.

Subjects of BSc Hospitality Studies  

Now, we will discuss BSC hospitality studies subjects. This program mainly includes subjects like Food Safety, Nutrition, Food Production, Principles, Housekeeping and Hotel Accountancy.

This course covers everything related to the hospitality sector, travel, and tourism, and how to serve guests. It also includes subjects such as hospitality and hotel management with topics related to Food and Beverage management.

Benefits of choosing the BSc hospitality program

The demand for BSc hospitality studies is increasing day by day among students today. This program is for 3 years and covers subjects related to hotel management, food and beverage production, and management. It gives ample benefits such as:

  • Ample opportunities

This program gives many opportunities to work in several fields such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, pubs, and travel companies. Students who choose this course can work as catering officers, travel managers, hotel managers, and hospitality executives.

  • High salary

Students who complete this course can earn around INR 6, 50,000 per annum in the hospitality sector. The salary differs according to the experience levels of the candidates.

  • Scope for further education

Candidates who finish the BSc course in the hospitality field will get an opportunity to study MSc hospitality program, MSc in hospitality, PhD courses, and Tourism management.

  • Fees of BSc Hospitality Studies

Many colleges and institutions today provide the course of BSc hospitality. The average fees in any college for this course start from INR 60,000 and go up to INR 5, 10,000. You can study this program in government colleges or any university after passing the 12th class.

Top colleges offering BSc Hospitality Studies

The full BSC hospitality studies meaning is Bachelor of Science in the Hospitality sector. Some of the major colleges offering this program are the Apeejay Institute of Hotel Management, Delhi Institute of Hotel Management, the Department of Management Studies, and many more.