Benefits of Doing Food and Beverage Management Courses from Apeejay

The global food and beverage industry is continuously evolving and becoming more vibrant. Everyone who’s a part of this growing sector is reaping multiple irrefutable advantages because of the lucrative opportunities available. Pursuing one of the best food and beverage management courses at Apeejay is prudent for working in this dynamic industry.

Apeejay Institute of Hospitality is a premier hotel management institute located in Mumbai. It is pretty popular among students who dream of landing a job in the hospitality sector. Expert instructors at this reputed college are instrumental in helping students acquire requisite skills and knowledge. They make students job ready by giving them hands-on training.

Here are the Top 3 Benefits of Doing Food and Beverage Management Courses from Apeejay

Meticulously Designed F&B Management Degree Courses

Those who pursue the food and beverage management course at AIH can easily land a high-paying job in this sector. This hotel management institution has designed the course in a meticulous way. The sole objective is to enable students to gain comprehensive knowledge of the hospitality industry. The curriculum of this F& B course consists of wide-ranging subjects. 

Seasoned instructors will help you learn how to plan the menu, execute costing, take food safety measures, and employ culinary techniques. In addition, you will learn the correct way to provide wine and beverage services, besides regulating inventory. Classroom learning and practical training will enable you to master all those crucial hospitality management skills. 

Hands-on learning is Similar to On-Job Training

Every student who pursues the food and beverage management degree program at Apeejay receives hands-on learning. They can apply the classroom knowledge during practical training, which helps them improve their expertise. 

AIH is more sought-after among hospitality aspirants owing to its state-of-the-art infrastructure. Students have the authorisation to access the well-equipped kitchen space and restaurant area. Hands-on experience benefits each student at this renowned college to a significant extent. 

It becomes easier for students to resolve issues they encounter while undergoing practical training. Under the guidance of teaching faculty and industry experts, students get the chance to work on various industry-specific real projects. 

Pursuing the food and beverage degree course at Apeejay can facilitate you in acquiring a wide range of prerequisite skills. The transition from the institute’s kitchens to the professional kitchen space will be more seamless for you. 

Diverse Career Opportunities                                                         

Besides the F&B Service program, Apeejay offers a 6-month course in Basic Food Production. Instructors at this college prepare students in a way that they are job-ready. With an F&B degree, a graduate can make the most of diverse career opportunities in the hospitality sector. Some lucrative and rewarding careers include restaurant manager, F&B service provider, chef, event manager, etc.

One of the prime reasons for pursuing F&B management courses at AIH is the opportunity to connect with industry leaders. Robust connections with hospitality industry experts help boost students’ career prospects. Every graduate secures placements successfully with top hotels and restaurants worldwide.

Aside from the F&B course, AIH conducts corporate training programs that help students improve skills, knowledge and behaviour. No other institute offers such unmatched opportunities to students with an aspiration to pursue careers in the hospitality sector.