Hotel Front Office: What are the Tasks, Duties, and Responsibilities?

The role of the front office in hotels is crucial in maintaining the long-term relationship with clients. The main function of the hotel front office is to serve the guests and outsiders who visit the hotel for a stay. This office is normally situated in the lobby section of the hotels.

This blog covers everything about the front office of hotels, its tasks, duties, and responsibilities in detail.

Why is the front office department important in hotels?

The front office in the hotel industry is important in the daily operations. It handles various tasks related to guests such as answering their queries and booking hotel rooms for their families. Apart from that, the front office department in the hotel is also involved in services like check-in and check-out of the hotel, reservation, arrival, departure, and occupancy.

Smooth working of the front office generates huge revenue for the hotel. It also maintains the good image of the hotel staff for years in the minds of guests.

Tasks of a hotel front office

The role of the front office in the hotel is inevitable. The front office is located right at the entrance of the hotel to greet the guests. The various tasks of the front office in the hotel industry are as under:

Guest Service

The primary function of the hotel’s front office is guest service. It serves the guests that arrive for a stay at the hotel. Apart from that, the front office will also ask for guest identification and verification of personal details before offering a room. It takes the feedback of guests and maintains the history of all the guests who come to the hotel each day.

Updates for room service

Another important role of the front office in the hospitality industry is to give updates on room status. It will also inform the guests about the facilities available at the hotel and make the same available for them.

Bell desk work

Front office staff will handle the bell desk work and rings the bell when the guests need something.

Duties and responsibilities of Front Office

Now, let us have a look at the duties and responsibilities of the hotel front office in the below section:

Administrative work

The front office staff is responsible to complete all the administrative tasks of the hotel. They have to perform tasks such as guest check-ins, check-outs, payment, writing letters, and managing calendars.

Offering the best experience

Another responsibility of hotel front office operations and management staff is to take care of the needs of guests. It will ask the guests whether the stay is comfortable or not. Besides, the front office staff will also guide the guests to look for local attractions and famous activities to do in the city.


Upselling is another important part of the hotel industry. It includes extra amenities from the hotel such as spa treatments, salon services, room upgrades, and beauty services. This service helps in generating extra revenue for the hotel and maintaining a good image of the hotel. Front office staff must provide all the details to the guests related to extra services.

Answering queries of the guests

The front office staff is responsible for answering the queries of the guests. They will help the guests to use certain appliances like a coffee maker or tea maker.

Final words

The front office in hotel management is a significant portion of the hotel. From welcoming the guests to fulfilling their demands, the front office has to look after many tasks per day. It is responsible to see the guests from arrival till departure. It is the behavior of the front office department that will decide how guests like the hotel.